1. Scan

Scan your pqCode at the till like a barcode.

2. Loyalty

Your relevant loyalty card applied automatically.

3. Receipt

Your digital receipt stored safely in the app.

The retail sector has witnessed tremendous disruption in recent years, with at least 32 major retailers closing their doors in the UK since 2008. This downturn has taken place in the face of social and technological change that has seen a fundamental shift in the experiences demanded by consumers.

In order to gain a better understanding of this shifting landscape, in mid-2019 pqCode commissioned a Censuswide survey of 100 retail executives and 2,000 UK consumers to explore the changing attitudes of shoppers and the ways in which retailers are attempting to respond to new consumer behaviours.

Our report, Building up not knocking down: the importance of bricks and mortar in a digital age is now available for download here.

As featured in Retail Technology Innovation Hub and Retail Times.



No more cards, key fobs, or scrolling through apps. No more faffing at the checkout.

Just scan your pqCode to have your relevant loyalty card applied automatically, however you choose to pay.


No more pieces of paper. No more spelling out your email address.

Just scan your pqCode to have your receipts in one place, however you choose to pay.

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We’ve already said goodbye to single use plastic bags, plastic straws, and disposable cups.

It’s time we did the same with single-use paper.

Did you know about the health and environmental consequences of paper receipts?

Did you know your paper receipts can't be recycled?