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pqCode is a powerful loyalty and membership wallet that puts everything you need at your fingertips.



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Your Digital Loyalty Wallet.

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01. Scan in your physical loyalty cards

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02. Show a digital version on-screen

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03. Scan the card in store

Less Plastic. More Rewards.


Digital Stamp Card Loyalty.

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01. Scan the retailer's QR code to add a loyalty profile

Digital Stamp Card Loyalty TAB 2.png

02. Track your stamps in-app

Digital Stamp Card Loyalty TAB 3.png

No More Missed Stamps.

03. Scan your pqCode for a stamp

*At participating retailers

Automatic Loyalty

& Receipts.

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Automatic Loyalty + Reciepts TAB 2.png

02. Have your loyalty applied

01. Scan your pqCode at the till

Automatic Loyalty + Reciepts TAB 3.png

Ultimate Convenience.

03. Get a digital receipt

*At participating retailers



Digital Membership Cards

Member Content

Integrated Access Control

With our partnered organisations, show your digital membership card onscreen.

Access exclusive, up-to-date, member content directly from your smartphone.

In-built access control with secure digital keys means no more cards or key-fobs. Simply tap your phone on the reader.



Where can I use pqCode?

You can use your digital wallet to show and scan your loyalty card for over 150 of the country's most popular loyalty schemes. For digital stamp card loyalty or automatic loyalty and digital receipts, keep an eye out for pqCode information near the till.

What is pqCode?

pqCode is a digital wallet for your loyalty and membership cards. Store all your cards in one place, from your Nectar card to individual barbershops, and everything in between.

Is pqCode free?

Yes, pqCode is free to download and use.

What about my data?

All your data is stored securely using encrypted connections and industry-standard security protocols with Amazon Web Services. We don't sell any data to any third parties.

How can I get in touch?

We'd love to hear from you - feel free to drop us a line at


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