A powerful digital platform

For retailers and membership organisations.

pqCode allows you to connect up users' offline and online experiences into one seamless customer journey, offering you unparalleled digital engagement opportunities.

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Automatic loyalty & digital receipts

For medium size retailers


With a small POS plugin, allow customers to apply their loyalty instantly and get a digital receipt

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Digital stamp card loyalty

For small retailers

Web-based digital stamp card loyalty run from any tablet or smartphone, with no new apps required

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Customer engagement

For all retailers


A powerful content-delivery platform promoting effective post-transaction customer engagement

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Digital membership cards

Digital membership cards with secure, real-time data from your database

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Integrated access control

Integrated digital keys with market-leading access control products

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Member engagement

Real-time content delivery and push notifications to transform member engagement

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“pqCode has allowed us to replace physical stamp cards with a digital experience that customers love. It's easy for customers to sign up and for us to issue them digital stamps using our iPad. It's been a great experience and we are enjoying using pqCode to help us engage better with customers.”

Dasos Anastasis | Owner, Tabard Barbers



Stamp Card Loyalty

Do we need to download a retailer app?

No, pqCode stamp card loyalty is web-based and can be run from any tablet or smartphone browser.

How do customers add a loyalty profile?

Customers simply scan a unique QR code to add a loyalty profile for your business. If they don't already have the pqCode app, scanning the code will guide them through the download process first.

How much does it cost?

pqCode for small retailers is £40 a month with the first month free.

How do I give a digital stamp?

Once your customer has added a loyalty profile for your business, from your web portal simply scan their pqCode with your tablet or smartphone camera and tap Stamp.

What are the main benefits?

pqCode allows small and independent retailers to:

  • Run a digital stamp card loyalty scheme effortlessly
  • Avoid the need for any new hardware or apps
  • Engage with customers when it matters most, via push notification
  • Provide content to and engage with loyal customers in real-time


Will this work with our existing database?

Yes. pqCode is a technology agnostic platform and can connect to a wide range of third party products, including enterprise database products. If necessary, pqCode can build you a database according to your requirements.

Can you help with signing-up new members too?

Yes. We can also create a web-based sign-up process that connects directly to your existing database system and integrates with providing digital membership cards to members.

How does access control work?

We partner with leading access control solutions to give your members digital keys baked into their digital membership cards for a truly all-in-one integrated solution. For more information, email us on retail@pqcode.co.uk

Can you integrate with our bar system?

Yes. pqCode is a technology-agnostic product that can easily integrate with bar EPOS systems, meaning you can run member tabs, member accounts, or apply member discounts, easily.

How much does it cost?

pqCode Membership is an enterprise SaaS product with pricing relative to membership size. Please contact us at retail@pqcode.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Automatic Loyalty & Receipts

How much integration does this require?

pqCode operates as a small EPOS plugin. It does not interfere with or change any existing processes. It works in parallel to exisiting customer journeys, meaning when a pqCode is not applied, everything works as it currently does. Our API integration is fully documented and lightweight, so it is typically a matter of days, not weeks, to integrate.

Does this work with our existing loyalty programme?

Yes - pqCode is designed to promote uptake and usage of your existing loyalty programme by making it easy for customers to use their loyalty, and we can make it easy for new customers to sign up as well.

What do you do with the data?

Unlike with other solutions, any customer engagement data belongs and goes directly to the retailer, who owns all underlying data. With digital receipts, we don't process any line by line transaction data.

How much does it cost?

pqCode is a SaaS product with a per-site pricing model. For further pricing information please contact us at retail@pqcode.co.uk

Does this work with our existing EPOS system?

Almost certainly. pqCode is a technology-agnostic product and if we are not already integrated with your EPOS provider, we can become so easily, meaning no changes are needed to your existing setup.



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