Frequently Asked Questions

Is pqCode free?

Yes, pqCode is free to download and use.

What about my data?

All your receipts and loyalty details are stored securely using encrypted connections and industry-standard security protocols with Amazon Web Services. We don't sell any data to any third parties, period.

What is pqCode?

pqCode is your unique, personal QR code that you can scan to apply loyalty cards and get your digital receipt in-store with our participating retailers.
At our non-partnered retailers you can still present a digital version of any of your loyalty or membership cards on screen.

How can I get in touch with you?

We'd love to hear from you with any questions or ideas or if you're having any difficulty with the app. Feel free to drop us a line at or head over to our Contact page.

Where can I use pqCode?

You can present a digital version of your loyalty card and scan it from your smartphone for over 150 loyalty and membership schemes. We're working hard behind the scenes with lots of retailers to bring pqCode online with them. Just sign up on the homepage for updates to stay in the loop for news in this regard!