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HappyOrNot announces partnership with pqCode

HappyOrNot (, the leading instant customer feedback insights solution relied upon by the likes of Elkjøp, Levi’s Stadium, Autogrill, Good2Go stores, and London Heathrow Airport, today announces it partnership with UK-based digital loyalty and membership platform, pqCode; the automatic loyalty and digital receipt solution for in-store retail that enables customer feedback and engagement.

The partnership with pqCode will further strengthen HappyOrNot's omnichannel solution in the UK market for digital customer feedback management and, as a complement to its own business, pqCode will offer HappyOrNot’s digital solution to retailers as an engagement tool delivered through digital receipts, enabling additional retailers to take advantage of the instant and actionable feedback data insights on customer and employee experiences which HappyOrNot brings.

James Smithdale, Founder and CEO of pqCode said: “We are delighted to partner with HappyOrNot to bring their Smiley Digital product to bricks and mortar retail environments. In an age when customer experience is more important than ever, we look forward to helping retailers stay connected with their in-store customers using HappyOrNot’s marketing-leading technology.”

Michele Aarons, Customer Success Manager at HappyOrNot added: “In an ever-increasing digital world, HappyOrNot and pqCode have joined forces to make it even easier for retailers to stay connected to and learn from their customers. By bringing our recognisable smiley faces into the pqCode app, consumers will now be able to scan their pqCode to apply their loyalty, obtain a digital receipt and provide valuable feedback about their shopping experience, all with a single scan of their mobile phone.”

About pqCode

pqCode is a three-in-one platform enabling loyalty, receipts, and customer engagement for in-store retail environments. Customers store digital copies of their loyalty and membership cards in the pqCode app and simply scan their unique pqCode to apply the correct loyalty card and obtain a digital receipt. pqCode then acts as a platform by which retailers and organisations can continue to engage with those in-store customers. pqCode is loyalty-agnostic and POS-agnostic. Visit for more information.

About HappyOrNot

Creator of the globally recognized four Smileys, HappyOrNot enables companies to identify and optimize experiences across all touchpoints through relevant, in-moment feedback data. With the ability to track, validate, and compare ongoing performance, companies are empowered to continuously improve experiences and drive operational success.

Founded in 2009, today HappyOrNot serves 4,000 brands across 135 countries, like Elkjøp, Levi's Stadium, Autogrill, and London Heathrow Airport, and has collected and reported on over 1.5 billion feedback responses. Headquartered in Finland, HappyOrNot also has offices in the U.S. and around the globe, and a reseller network of over 100 companies. Visit

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