Frequently Asked Questions

Our POS has loyalty functionality, but we don’t use it – what then?

pqCode makes it easy for both you and customers to start using it, without the need for issuing any cards or fobs, or for customer lookup at the till.

What if we already have engagement tools that we use?

That’s ideal, because pqCode facilitates rather than replaces. What if you could deploy those tools effectively to customers, in real-time? pqCode helps you do that, through transaction receipts or via the loyalty display screen. If you don’t have engagement tools or you’re looking to go further, we can help with bespoke options.

What is pqCode?

pqCode is a facilitative app-based platform for in-store loyalty, receipts, and customer engagement. It works through a single customer touchpoint — a pqCode — that is scanned at the till like a barcode.

What about data?

Since pqCode is merely facilitating rather than managing, all engagement and POS loyalty data goes directly to, and belongs to, the retailer, as is already the case. In fact, we would never even see that data in the first place.

As for receipt data, we don’t process or analyse line-by-line transaction data.

But we already have a loyalty scheme – why would we need this?

pqCode facilitates your existing loyalty scheme, thereby increasing usage and transaction linkage. The app can also enable new customers to sign up to your scheme and boost recruitment.

What about integration? Won’t that be a headache?

Because we aren’t replacing anything, our integration requirements are very light touch.

If we aren’t already integrated with your POS provider, we will work with them to build the small software plugin required. Typically, this is a matter of just a few days’ development work. Our engineers are ex-Tesco and are well-placed to help make this a seamless and effortless process.

We already have our own app - why would we need this?

pqCode works harmoniously alongside existing apps. pqCode is all about the customer convenience of doing one thing at the point of sale. If you have extra elements in your app like offers, we can easily link your customers directly into that app from pqCode for more in-depth interaction, thereby complementing each other. More broadly speaking, our research suggests that there is increasing 'app apathy' among customers, who find themselves being asked to download yet another app for different places. Through our all-in-one platform we are avoiding that friction point while still boosting a retailer's loyalty uptake and usage. If you are interested in white-labelling any of pqCode's functionality into your app, just get in touch.