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Our no-obligation free trial will show you how to delight your customers while:

  • Reducing your costs;

  • Making a bold move on sustainability; and

  • Connecting with your in-store customers like never before.

pqCode is POS agnostic and CRM agnostic.

No need to replace any of your existing processes.

Become compatible with pqCode in days, not months. 

See for yourself what pqCode does for retailers:

How it works

1. Add

Your customers add their loyalty card to the app or use a facilitated sign-up process to join your existing loyalty programme, completely removing the need to issue plastic cards again.

2. Scan

Customers simply scan their pqCode at the checkout like a barcode with no need for cards, fobs, or stamp cards.

3. Collect & Store

Points and rewards are applied automatically and digital receipts are stored safely in the app for retrieval or sharing at any time.

4. Engage

Customers are presented with a dynamic engagement window while viewing their receipt.

Big Benefits

Give your customers the simplicity and convenience they have been looking for:

  • No more plastic cards

  • No more paper receipts

Save your staff time and improve efficiency at the point of sale.

Capture quality customer data transparently and consensually.

Combine marketing and customer engagement for maximum effect.


Our solution helps you keep your sustainability promises to your customers and shareholders

Your print and paper costs will fall dramatically as together we look to eradicate single use paper and plastic

Need more time to consider?

Check out our blog, with research into how customers like to shop and be rewarded, including ​articles like:

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